Program Description

A web-centric referral system for clinical and social service referrals by and between community health centers, hospitals, and nonprofit community benefit organizations that serve the safety net population.

Phase 1 funding for this initiative was provided by United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, and Brilogy Corporation

Phase 2 funding was provided by Orange County Community Foundation, Lestonnac Free Clinic, and Brilogy Corporation

Electronic Referral System Overview

  • eReferral:  Access to specialty care.  Clinics that provide primary care can refer patients to clinics and/or providers that provide specialty care.  Each specialty has a list of required items provided as guidance to help ensure that the referral is complete.  Referring providers, can upload attachments, and can track the progress of the patient through the workflow.  On completion of the exam, the rendering provider can upload the progress note, for return to the referring provider.

  • eConsult:   For some services, a provider-to-provider consult may be sufficient.  This feature allows providers to send and receive electronic messages and documents.

  • Surgery Wait List:  Clinics can put patients that need surgery on a county-wide wait list.  Care coordinators at facilities that offer surgery days can view the wait list and accept patients based on provider availability.  Care coordinators can then manage their workflow to track candidates through the process to determine if they are eligible to receive the surgery.

  • Hospital ED & Discharge Follow Up:  Patients that have been treated at the hospital can be referred to a local community clinic for their follow up visit.   Hospital staff schedules an appointment for the patient and prints a referral form that explains where to go for the follow up appointment.  At Long Beach Memorial, return visits to the ER are down 50% for new patients that leave the ER with a primary care appointment.

  • ED Offloading:  ED staff emphasize the importance of receiving primary care in a medical home rather than the ED.  Patients that present with non-emergent conditions can be given an appointment at a local community clinic (rather than be treated), by a member of the triage staff. They also give patients a brochure that reinforces the concept that the clinic is their medical home ... not the ED.

  • Social Services:&  PHASE 2 enhancements evolved the system into the first ever nonprofit collaboration tool in Orange County that will enable the health centers to quickly create referrals for services such as food, ACA enrollment, legal aid and so forth.   Service agencies can also create referrals to other service agencies, and funders will have a central reporting database from which they will be able to gather a wealth of information about both demand-side and supply-side metrics.

For more information, contact:


Ed Gerber

Executive Director, Lestonnac Free Clinic
1215 E Chapman Ave, Orange CA 92866
(714) 633-4600

Milton Allione

President, Brilogy Corporation
1528 Brookhollow Dr, Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 662-6000 x2003
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